UKMW prompts Times of London headline correction to improper reference to ‘Jews’

On Nov. 29th, Times of London published an article by Gregg Carlstrom on a bill being debated in Israel’s Knesset which would prohibit the use of loudspeakers between 11 pm and 7 am – affecting the earliest of the five daily Muslim calls to prayer.

However, the headline they chose was curious to say the least.

times-headlineWe contacted Times of London editors to ask if they typically use the word “Jews” (in their headlines) as a synonym for “Israel”, “Israelis” or “Israeli MKs”.  We also expressed our concerns that the headline’s reference to unspecified ‘Jews’ was potentially inflammatory and misleading.

They responded by noting that they don’t in fact typically use the word “Jews” in that manner, and agreed to revise the headline accordingly.

It now reads: new-times-headline

We commend Times of London editors for agreeing to the revision.

(For additional examples of Times of London corrections prompted by UKMW, see here, here and here.)

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  1. You have to look to the editor who either OKayed the original headline. Or. Wrote the headline himself.

  2. The original headlines shows, at least subconsciously, the the Times indeed recognizes Israel as the State of the Jewish People. Now if they could only help persuade the Arabs to do the same.

  3. From the article:
    The call to prayer that has echoed across the city of Lod for centuries is the latest battleground between Israeli Jews and Muslims.
    The Knesset will vote this week on a bill to restrict the use of loudspeakers
    Do you get it? For centuries… using loudspeakers… This is the high time for the creation of a new category of stupidity special to journalists.

    • Of course, loudspeakers. Muslim snowflakes have been using them for centuries. And Mohammad once made a collect call to Alexander Graham Bell after seeing him on TV. Just ask the western press.

  4. Isn’t it time for the Times of London can give some space on their building for loudspeakers for the Muslim call to prayer?