Guardian op-ed: Israel is ‘Judaising Jerusalem’ and reducing the Palestinian population

An op-ed was published at the Guardian on Jan. 10th by Nur Arafeh titled “Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would destroy Palestine’s hope for justice”.

Arafeh is the Palestine Policy Fellow of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. NGO Monitor’s profile of Al-Shabaka demonstrates that the group promotes the “the right of return,” the “Nakba,” and BDS, and regularly features writers who accuse Israel of “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing”.

Though there are multiple distortions, errors and misrepresentations of fact throughout her Guardian op-ed, one falsehood in particular stands out as especially egregious:

Since 1967, Israel has been transforming Jerusalem from a multi-religious and multicultural city into a “reunified” Jewish city under its exclusive control. It has accelerated Jerusalem’s “Judaisation” through policies that specifically aim to minimise the number of Palestinians.

However, if Israel is enacting ‘Judaisation” policies intended to “minimise the number of Palestinians” in Jerusalem, they’ve done an awfully bad job, as is evident by population statistics. Whereas in 2007 there were 208,000 Palestinians in east Jerusalem, today there are roughly 293,000.  So, over the course of merely seven years, the Palestinian population of east Jerusalem has increased by over 40%.

Additionally, if you look at Jerusalem as a whole (both east and west), the increase in Jerusalem’s Palestinian population has outpaced the growth of the Jewish population. Whereas in 1967 Palestinians constituted 26% of the overall population of Jerusalem, by 2011 they constituted 36%.

However you want to characterise demographic changes in the holy city since 1967, the implicit suggestion that Palestinians have been or are currently being ethnically cleansed in Jerusalem (or anywhere else in Israel for that matter) is the opposite of the truth.

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  1. It should have been Israel is rejudaising Jerusalem after the Jordanian ethnic cleansing in 1948.
    Publishing this kind of classic antisemitic slurs the Guardian already forgot to put up the burqa of “we are criticizing Israeli government policies.”

  2. It is simply amazing that so big a lie can be spouted and accepted as truth by those who hate Israel. On average, Hitler kill 2800 Jews a day and the war killed 28,000 civilians and combatants a day. That was a genocide.

    Secondly, without Judaism, Christianity would never have existed, Jerusalem would not have existed and even Islam would never have existed as, no Judaism, no monotheism, no Angel Gabriel to speak to Islam’s founder. Judaism is the organic foundation of Jerusalem and any saying otherwise is a liar or ignorant or both.

    This brings us to the right answer. The right answer is victory. Defeat the Palestinian enemies once and for all. If the rumors that the Paris conference will declare a Palestinian state over all the WB and Gaza, war will quickly follow.

  3. The thing is,why not lie about it and distort it? This kind of misinformation is audo/visual candy to many British eyes and ears.

  4. Great news Israel is Judaising Jerusalem after all Jerusalem is our eternal ancestral homeland and it does belong to the Jews every single inch of it north south east and west of it….united and undivided …Could this Judaising please be done faster…….

  5. This racist rag the Guardian is trashy gutter press most of it’s ratty journalists have either been fired let go or they just jumped ship..Rats leaving a sinking ship….

  6. Israel is Judaising Jerusalem…What else would/should Israel do Muslimise Jerusalem instead….Trust this racist rag to come up with moronic op-eds like this one……

  7. Palestine’s hope for justice was partially realized when Israel won its independence and the Arabs got the ass kicking they so richly deserved.

  8. A large proportion of Jerusalem ‘s population in 1948 was Jewish. In 1948 Jerusalem was occupied, yes occupied, by Jordan and the Jewish population expelled and dispossessed. The ancient synagogues were blown up and the ancient cemetery on the Mount of Olives was destroyed. The headstones were used as doorsteps for the Arabs’ housing. I saw all this when Jordan attacked and lost the 1967 war and we could then go into East Jerusalem and see for ourselves. Don’t write to me articles about pre 1967 multiculturalism in Jerusalem. That is simply a lie.