‘Free speech advocates’ at Amnesty UK ban pro-Israel blogger from London event

The London-based Jewish blogger Richard Millett was banned, by the “free speech advocates” at Amnesty International UK, from attending an event last night in London called “Accountability and Human Rights at 50 years of Occupation”.  The Amnesty event included Michael Lynk, UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, in conversation with Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC.

According to an email exchange we had with Millett this morning, he was banned even though he had registered for and received tickets for the event.  All organisers told him when he tried to enter was that he was being banned because he’s a “disrupter”.  However, Millett, who has made a name for himself in the UK by attending and reporting accurately on extremist events, has a body of work which demonstrates – via the audio and video clips he takes at the events – he’s always polite and abides by the rules of the event. 

Here’s the video taken by Millett, where he demands to know why he was being banned.

Here’s what Millet wrote on Facebook last night.

As followers of this blog likely recall, earlier in the year a pro-Palestinian MP had Millett evicted from a Parliament event hosted by the Palestine Return Centre after he politely asked panelists, during the Q&A, if they had sympathy for Israeli terror victims.

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  1. What is the reaction of “Sir” Geoffrey Bindman – who along with Steven Sedley, speciously claims that preventing local councils from using local taxpayers’ money to promote BDS raises free speech issues?

  2. I have attended these hate fests with Richard on numerous occasions. I can testify to the fact that he abides by the rules asking questions during the allotted Q+A session following the talk. The rest of the time he quietly records in order to analyse and comment on for his blog. Unlike these venal propagandists and shills for Palestinian terrorism, the camera cannot lie. This is why they ban people like Richard. His attendance and recording shine a light on their lies from which they cannot hide. They only want to talk to their nodding dog attendees who have already signed up to the snake oil.
    My respect and admiration goes to Richard. He is on to something when these inveterate fascists have no other recourse than to close down freedom of speech. It is they who should be closed down. They are part of the problem currently blighting the Uk

    • “Richard got arrested for trying to disrupt a memorial meeting”

      Stephen rather than just flap your gums and spew forth your usual unsubstantiated nonsense, why don’t you inform everyone of the following;

      1) What memorial meeting did Richard, allegedly, try to disrupt?
      2) When and where was this meeting held?
      3) What was the subsequent outcome of Richard’s alleged arrest, i.e. was he subsequently charged and prosecuted?
      4) Do you have any evidence of Richard’s alleged actions?

      Of course Stephen you may be unwilling or unable to answer the questions above, which will only further add weight to the fact that you are a lying, anti-Semitic fantasist with zero credibility.

    • Dearest troll,
      I’ve read everything Richard’s written on this site, and most of your comments as well (I have no idea how many total comments you’ve produced or the exact wording of them, and have no plans to find out). One of you is a smart, insightful, honest chronicler of events. The other one is a lying, sub-intelligent bag of cobblers. I think even you can suss out where my designations correctly belong. If you don’t want people to assume you’re a fraud who exists to lie and annoy people, stop being one.

  3. Americans will never again send their kids to defend a Europe that has morally has no reason to exist.

      • Obviously history is not your forte Bellamy. Or are you simply a history faker? I vote for the latter.

          • Stephen maybe you should try to substantiate the allegations you have made against Richard.

            You are not only an anti-Semitic liar, who attempts to distort history, facts and the truth to support your own warped fantasies but a spineless coward as well.

      • So tell me Stephen what vile calumny will you be spreading without any substantiation today?
        Or are you going to stick to distorting the truth, fact and history to help you spread more of your anti-Semitic fantasies from the sewer you call your mind?

        • My mind Gerald ?

          Somewhere in my mind there is a painting box

          There is every colour it is tr00000000000000000

          Just lately when I look inside my painting box

          I seem to pick the colours of yooooooooooooooooo

          • Stephen the only painting you ever do, is when you regularly paint yourself into a corner by spouting your fact free anti-Semitic fantasies.
            Get well soon Stephen.