As US recognises Jerusalem as capital, UKMW prompts correction to FT claim Tel Aviv is capital

UK Media Watch and CAMERA have prompted countless corrections on the same inaccuracy – the claim that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital. However, it’s particularly interesting that during the week that Donald Trump’s impending decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was the big story, the Financial Times joined the list of media outlets who’ve made some version of this error.

You can see how they used Tel Aviv as a metonym for Israel’s capital in the article (Donald Trump plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital, Dec. 6) in our tweet that day. 

We were in communication with Financial Times editors, who upheld our complaint and revised the sentence.

Note, that the Financial Times editor (as with most editors at UK media outlets who correct this error) chose not to replace “Tel Aviv” with “Jerusalem” as shorthand for the capital, but instead used “Israel”.  

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  1. Yes, it’s another weasel words correction, i.e., correction without correcting that which needed correction, but instead obscuring a blatant attempt at misdirection.

  2. The total number of days that Tel-Aviv was the capital of Israel is exactly zero. Jerusalem is the only capital that Israel has ever had.