UKMW prompts correction to Indy claim that ‘Israel killed’ Mohammed al-Durah

The Al-Durah Affair is an incident, in Sept. 2000, involving a 12-year-old Palestinian boy named Mohammed Al-Durah who, Palestinians alleged, was killed by IDF fire (during a firefight between Israeli and Palestinian forces) while crouched in front of a wall with his father at the Netzarim Junction in Gaza.

Despite the fact that claims the boy was killed by IDF fire that day – based on an entirely inconclusive 59 second video clip – have been discredited, Israel’s guilt was accepted blindly by the media, and al-Durah became an icon of Palestinian “martyrdom” in the Arab and Muslim world.

The framing of the incident also reinforced, some have persuasively argued, the lethal media narrative that Israel murders Palestinian kids.

However, despite the dearth of actual evidence, some in the media to this day persist in accepting, without question, these completely unsubstantiated Palestinian claims that Israeli soldiers killed the boy.

The latest example involves a Dec. 16th article in The Independent on the recent death of a disabled Palestinian man, Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, on the Gaza border during clashes with Israeli soldiers.  The article included a passage suggesting that the death of Abu Thuraya (in highly disputed circumstances) on the Gaza border, during violent protests last month, evokes the death of  Mohammed Al Durah.

As you can see from our tweet to the journalist, Rachel Roberts, the article suggested that Israel’s responsibility for the young boy’s death was an indisputable fact.

Though the journalist didn’t respond to our tweet, we contacted Indy editors who eventually upheld our complaint and placed the word “allegedly” before the word “killed” in the sentence we highlighted: 

Mohammed al-Dura was a 12-year-old boy allegedly killed by Israeli forces during rioting on the Gaza Strip in 2000, prompting worldwide condemnation and violent retribution.

Editors also added the following text:

The Israeli government has denied that Israeli forces were responsible for the child’s death.

You can learn more about the al-Durah incident here. 

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    • Hell the evidence shows that it would have been impossible for the IDF to have shot the bugger if he was even shot, which has never been proven either. Unless the IDF has rounds that can travel 100 meters down range, then turn 180 degrees and strike from the rear.

  1. It’s a very British media response. “The Israeli government has denied that Israeli forces were responsible for the child’s death.” suggests that the Israelis could be lying and ignores the other non Israeli and non Government sources disproving the al Durah story. It is similar to the BBC boiler plate “The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this. ” that similarly ignores other legal authorities and suggests that if ‘the world’condemns that condemnation must be justified.

    • “And everyone knows it was the Mongolians”

      There you go again Stephen. First of all you cannot spell the name correctly of the Capital of Mongolia. Then you accuse, not one or a group, but ‘the Mongolians’ of a crime.

      What a prime example of an ignorant racist dick-head you really are.
      Please don’t try and use the excuse that you were making one of your usual unsuccessful and puerile attempts at humour. No rational, sane, sentient human being finds racism humorous.

    • What everyone around here knows is that Stephen is an idiot. Fake news about Jews is his big thrill.