UKMW prompts Telegraph correction to false claim Israeli bill would seize “church land”

Today, we’ve prompted the second correction in three days to erroneous media claims that a proposed Israeli bill would confiscate “church land”.   On Monday, we posted about a Guardian article, on the row between the Israeli government and church authorities, corrected following communication with UK Media Watch. 

The original Guardian language, alleging that proposed Knesset legislation would “allow the government to confiscate church land“, was changed to note that the proposal relates to land sold by the church, and now owned by private (Jewish) investors. 

Similarly, today we complained to editors at the Telegraph – and tweeted them – over a similar error in an AFP report published on Feb. 27th.

Telegraph editors promptly replied to our email, upheld our complaint and revised the sentence thusly:

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  1. Land sold by the church = formerly owned by the church = once church land = land no longer having anything to do with the church = not church land.
    So what’s the hullabaloo all about there in the UK?

  2. The use of eminent domain is used in many countries to obtain private land for public purposes. Nobody cares about where that happens except in Israel.

  3. What disappoints me most is that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has allowed itself, willingly or otherwise, to take part in a shameless propaganda stunt.
    But my view as a baptised Protestant is that it would a better use if the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was used for something more constructive and in line with Christian principles and converted into a block of flats or care home.
    There is no tomb for Christ, Luke 24:5, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?”

      • Leah explain why you believe that the content of my post is rubbish.
        Are you claiming that I have misquoted Luke 24:5?
        Or are you claiming that my interpretation of the meaning of that chapter and verse is wrong?
        Do you think that my belief that central to Christianity is poverty and helping one’s fellow man is wrong?
        Or that my belief that as a Protestant I stand against idolatry is wrong?

        Of course it could be that you just wish to behave in a negative and venomous fashion and spit out your usual bile. In which case I pity you and, more particularly, I pity those who have to come into contact with you.
        I genuinely hope you get better soon.

          • And Leah you have still not answered the perfectly sensible questions I put to you.
            I shall leave others to decide why you are unable to answer simple questions and then decide why my observations about you are correct.