UKMW prompts Daily Mail correction to claim no group claimed responsibility for Gaza rocket attacks

Earlier today, we flagged a factual error in a May 30th Daily Mail article on the recent rocket attacks from Gaza – an inaccurate claim we noted in a tweet to the journalist, Cheyenne Roundtree.

As we noted in a subsequent email to editors, multiple news sites had reported the claim of responsibility by Hamas and Islamic Jihad several hours before the Daily Mail article was published.

Our complaint was quickly upheld and the sentence corrected.

Here’s the new language:

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  1. You should take note of actual video and photos showing violent rioters trying to breach the sovereign Israel border openly threatening to kill civilians and end Israel. Hamas even admitted as much. Sorry it doesn’t get with your fairy-tale narrative, but sometimes reality is too nuanced for people with limited thinking capacity.

    • About a dozen years ago, the Waqf excavated under the Temple Mount, destroying evidence of the first two Temples. I once said that Israeli commandos should raid the excavations with video cameras to show what they were doing. A woman in Israel said that it would be a waste of time because no one would care. She was right.