UKMW prompts Times of London to add paragraph on 2008 Israeli peace offer

We recently posted about an article in The Times (Can Jared Kushner sell a peace deal without the Palestinians?, July 5th) by Anshel Pfeffer and Catherine Philp which included, as historical context on the new US peace plan, a list of “Failed Peace Attempts” going back to 1919. 

The problem, we noted, was that it strangely omitted Ehud Olmert’s widely reported far reaching peace offer in 2008 which was rejected by Mahmoud Abbas – a story which was actually covered by Times of London in 2009.  

The proposal addressed all the core issues of the conflict and would have created a Palestinian state in Gaza, 97% of the West Bank and established a capital in east Jerusalem.

Following communication with Times of London editors, they agreed to revise the section, adding the following paragraph to the article:

However, editors haven’t yet addressed our two other complaints about the article – a gratuitous reference to the fact that Jared Kushner is an “Orthodox Jew” (that we argued violates the Editors’ Code) and the false claim that Kushner “ordered” the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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  1. Perhaps the greatest omission in the list – and one that should be highlighted to restore context from the tunnel vision that conveniently focuses everything on the Jews thereby creating a misleading historical narrative – is the failure to reference the League of Nations system of Mandates and the Treaty of Lausanne all of which set the stage for today’s reality: Arabs control and rule over approximately 99.75% of the Middle East holdings of the defeated Ottoman Empire. Israel, including the “disputed territories”, accounts for the remaining 0.25%.
    In effect, the post WWIterritorial settlement took from one defeated imperialist (the Ottoman Turks) and returned the overwhelming majority of those lands (not including Arabia) to the prior imperialist conquerors (the Arabs). The only indigenous group that was successful in achieving statehood – and in only in a portion of its internationally recognized historical homeland – was the Jewish people.
    Justice was denied to many, the Arabs just happen to be far down that list though you’d never know it from the public commentary

    • Charlie iin NY: You are singing my song! Not only doe these bloviating morons not know the recent history of the region; they do not even know who is legally competent to do what. When people talk about the “Oslo accords’, they don’t even know that binding treaties (even when they go by the name of “accord”) can only be forged between states. The PA not being a state, the whole
      thing is a farce, and being used to have time pass without any real action.