Guardian editors to Israeli voters: Trust us with your security.

The Guardian – as we’ve exposed in literally thousands of posts over nearly 10 years – is, by far, the most fanatically anti-Israel publication in the UK – an institutional hostility towards the world’s only Jewish state that at times approaches an obsession

So, whilst we’re not surprised that the Observer (sister site of the Guardian) published an editorial on the Israeli elections warning, as they often do, of impending doom if their sage advice isn’t heeded, the putative justification for the editorial (The Observer view on Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s elections, April 7) is almost farcical.

Several times in the editorial, they framed their criticism of the current government, and calls for Israelis to change course, as inspired by a sincere concern for Israel’s safety.

Here are the relevant sentences:

But it is a worrying prospect for the country and the Middle East as a whole. Mr Netanyahu has dominated domestic politics for a decade, yet has failed in the most important task of any Israeli leader: making the country safe

Netanyahu’s lack of strategic vision, coupled with his polarising and divisive style, has left the country vulnerable to a range of potential threats that many Israelis do not appear to appreciate fully .

Whilst we of course take no position on Netanyahu, let’s be clear on what these passages mean: a publication that, by any measure, spews the most venom, in scale and degree, towards the Jewish state, and provides the most rhetorical comfort to its enemies, is – editors maintain in an astonishing inversion – in fact its savior.

Whilst you can open the links we provided for more examples, here’s one 2014 video that we find especially instructive.  It shows the Guardian’s then editor (now Jeremy Corbyn communications chief) Seumas Milne addressing a crowd of thousands of Israel haters during a speech in London, and literally defending Hamas terror attacks – support for violent extremism he repeated in a subsequent Guardian op-ed.

Israelis, their editorial suggests, who endured scores of suicide bombing attacks targeting innocent civilians during the Second Intifada, thousands of rockets launched at their communities following withdrawals from South Lebanon and Gaza, and the growth of a terror exporting Islamist regime in Tehran which openly calls for their state’s destruction whilst trying to procure the weapons to do so, evidently needs foreign policy advice from the radical Corbyn-supporting journalist-cum-activist clique in London! 

The Guardian’s secular dogma, which rests on a confidence in the inherent superiority of their own virtue and the assumption that anyone who disagrees with them on how to create a more just Mid-East is not just wrong but evil, has inevitably led to the simply delusional belief that they, and they alone, posses insight into Israel’s security needs that has managed to elude millions of actual Israelis.

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  1. Thing is, where ever the left or hard left takes over “security” security goes out the window. This can be seen in Oakland, CA. Baltimore. Chicago. London, UK. Berlin, Germany. Barcelona. Cologne, Frankfurt, Malmo. The list is endless.

  2. It is like the UN. As soon as bullets start flying they pack up and leave. This they call “peacekeeping”. Coincedently , the European left, especially the bloody Germans loooove to be pacifists and hate the army etc. Then, when there is a genocide of people who could not defend themselves ( Bosnia, Ruanda, Kurds ) The Greens and Merkel write a letter letting all know how very very upset they are.

  3. Many Brits, indeed many European (especially on the Left side of the political spectrum) would want nothing more than to see Israel erased from the world maps. This obsession with our demise is of course not new and has been a life long disease of many, including quite a few among us.

    The Guardian, the independent and many Brits Irish, Spanish and other newspapers, are obsessed with our demise. Their “sound” advice to convince us to let millions of Arabs back to the West bank (and Israel) is of course in hopes that it will once and for all end our existence.

    It is sad to see such hatred but as we very well know, the more they hate the better we do.

    I for one do not give a lousy f**ck on what they think of us and rather would like to see Israel ridding itself from self haters and fifth columns that, no doubt, are supported and funded by those low life publications. I also would LOVE to see our leaders, once and for all, cut all relations with any Jewish organization, universities and all other institutions that undermined Israel existence.

    There are many of those around.

  4. “Netanyahu’s lack of strategic vision, coupled with his polarising and divisive style, has left the country vulnerable to a range of potential threats that many Israelis do not appear to appreciate fully .”

    Without taking a position on Netanyahu I am amazed by the Guardian’s view that Israelis give a flying toss about what the Guardian thinks – so who do they think they are communicating with, or educating to a deeper appreciation of the dangers Israel faces, or warning (about Iran?), or advising????

    Corbyn? Seamus? Certainly not 99.999% of Israelis.

    • Considering the Guardian’s known antipathies to Israel and Jews their recommendations should be taken for what they are, a desire for our doom, and if we notice them at all we should act on them accordingly

    • Remember that Al-Guardian actually wrote to a lot of Americans during a US election, to urge them to vote for ‘their’ favourite candidate? And Al-Guardian runs regular anti-gun articles. Cos they know best.

  5. What’s wrong with a son of privilege like (comrade) Seamus Milne calling for the wholesale slaughter of Jews (or of anyone), in a sick parody of some workers’ revolution, on behalf of genocidal fascists posing as holy men? (that’s rhetorical, in case Farmer is still hanging around)
    I saw the comrade Seamus video the first time through right here. I don’t need to see it again to know that this dude is the rear end of a pantomime horse. I’ll bet you can guess who’s on the front end.

  6. Who is he talking to? Maybe The Morning Star newspaper
    Or that great defender of humanity the government of Iran
    Or the government of Syria
    Oh I forgot The wonderful Joseph Stalin He was justified in murdering millions to defend the USSR from rebellion within
    I rest my case

  7. Would these defenders of democracy and freedom support the governments of Iran Russia and North Korea dictating to us what our military and government policy should be
    So all you armchair defenders of human right I suggest you go to southern Israel and see how you feel when the sirens sound and people rush to the shelters including terrified children Publish and be dammed? Your Israel hating newspaper is certainly dammed for acting on regurgitated properganda from Hamas and all the other Israel hate filled organisations

  8. They posted today that with Netanyahu’s victory, ‘life is going to get worse for the Palestinians’. Let’s leave aside that life cannot get ‘worse’ (or indeed, ‘better’) for a non-existent ‘nation’, and concentrate on the apparent mental derangement that afflicts Al-Guardian writers and editors. Those poor Arabs who are illegally occupying sovereign Jewish land in Gaza and in ‘the West Bank’ do absolutely nothing wrong. Missiles and bombs against Israeli civilians? No doubt ‘false flag’ operations by the Mossad, so that they can justify more attacks on ‘Palestine’. I often wonder if editorial meetings at Al-Guardian are infused with the sweet smell of marijuana smoke.