Guardian and Indy whitewash antisemitism at London anti-Israel rally

Articles at the Guardian (“London protest demands Israel end ‘unprecedented attacks’ on Palestine”, May 11) and Independent (“Thousands march in London to support Palestinians after Gaza rocket exchanges”, May 12) whitewashed multiple instances of antisemitism at an anti-Israel rally in London on Saturday. 

The demo, “National Demonstration for Palestine: Exist! Resist! Return!”, was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Friends of Al- Aqsa and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) monitored the event reported that the demo included numerous antisemitic banners carried through the streets.  One suggested that the BBC is controlled by Benjamin Netanyahu, whilst another blamed Israel for causing antisemitism.

Crowds also cheered as one speaker – Glyn Secker, head the antisemitism-denial group Jewish Voice for Labour. – claimed that Labour Friends of Israel MPs are “fifth columnists”, accused Jewish leaders of being “in the gutter”, and alleged that Jews who complain about antisemitism are “crying wolf”.

Other marchers called for “victory to the Intifada”, and chanted “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Yet, both publications provided entirely positive accounts of the protests, with neither the Guardian nor Indy noting any of the egregious examples of racism cited by CAA  – representative of a broader pattern documented by this blog of both publications consistently downplaying and obfuscating antisemitism and support for violence within the anti-Israel movement.

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  1. “One suggested that the BBC is controlled by Benjamin Netanyahu, whilst another blamed Israel for causing antisemitism.”

    To suggest that the PM of another state has sway with the BBC is of course NOT antisemitic. How can it be? It’s an opinion. Blaming Israel for exaggerating examples of antisemitism within the Labour Party and realising that it’s a deliberate witchhunt is again NOT antisemitic. The BOD and the Jewish tabloids do indeed push the fantasy that AS is rampant with the Party. That these outlets sought to have the laughable, contrived IHRA definitition fully recognised by the Party when it included the name Israel is an indication indeed that the witchhunt is being encouraged.

    • The anti-Semitic troll carps his idiocy about “the Jewish tabloids” and claims it’s not anti-Semitic. Mirror mirror…

      • Jewish News, Jewish Chronicle ….. Greek are they? They are UK Jewish Newspapers are they not? They don’t represent all Jews. The name themselves as such to attract Jewish custom.

        • You used the term “Jewish tabloids” yourself anti-Semite. You could have said, “some pro-Israel tabloids,” but you didn’t. You prove yourself that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

                    • Your description of anything uttered as ‘antisemitic’ is par for the Zionists. A joke now.

                    • I have never called the Chinese Occupation of Tibet, the Turkish Occupation of Cyprus, the Turkish Occupation of Kurdistan, the Moroccan Occupation of Western Sahara, or the mendacious British destruction of Africa anti-Semitic. The fact that those are true occupations which don’t concern your obsessive anti-Semitic mind and you rather concentrate all of your mendacity towards the only Jewish state in the world proves that you are anti-Semitic.

                    • Another anti-Semitic comment i.e., holding the only Jewish state to a higher standard than others in that you expect Israelis to not defend themselves.

                    • And of course, I should add the mendacious British looting of Greece and other countries of their own heritage including, but not limited to the Fifth Caryatid and the Elgin Marbles.

                    • Thieving indeed. At least we didn’t steal the land they lived on and drive many of them out as the Zionists did.

                    • You didn’t steal the land? The British occupied about half of Africa and are the cause of its current misery. You combined hostile nations into single entities using the classic divide and conquer strategy. You consumed its resources. The British shame will last for centuries.

                      In stark contrast, much of Israel was bought by Jews who have returned to their homeland. It was Arab armies that told Arabs to leave. Of course, it’s your own anti-Semitic reflex to blame Jews for everything.

                    • Anti-Semites like you are not entitled to any input concerning the Jewish homeland. And Israel’s existence, as evidenced in its own Declaration of Independence (from the now defunct British Empire which has rightfully been relegated to the trash heap of history) which assures Arabs who live in Israel, the full gamut of rights.

                    • ….. other than the right of Nationhood. They have other rights, but low expectations.

                    • With their “throw the Jews into the sea” mantra, you, in your predictable anti-Semitic fashion, expect Jews to forgo statehood. And by the way, you have no credentials as the Arabs’ spokesperson.

                    • JEWS, Mikey, come from JUDEA & SAMARIA!

                      ARABS, Mikey, come from ARABIA! In 7thC Muhammed slaughtered 3 Jewish tribes who lived in Arabia because they refused to convert to Islam. Muhammed ordered his armies to invade, occupy & colonise the Middle East ie JUDEA & SAMARIA. Arabs slaughtered Jews who refused to convert. They also occupied north Africa & parts of Europe eg Spain & countries around the Baltic eg Bosnia.

                      I know it’s hard for your antisemitic mind, but ethnically cleansing Jews from Judea doesn’t make Arabs indigenous.

                      In your bizarre universe, invaders are indigenous, which would mean the Spanish are “occupying” Arab land!

                      Only the Jewish people ever had sovereignty in JUDEA & SAMARIA. Under international law, JUDEA & ~SAMARIA & JERUSALEM is JEWISH.

                      Here is Dr Jacques Gautier, neither a Jew nor a Zionist, explain to you that this land belongs only to Jews. A French-Canadian international lawyer:

                      22 Arab states occupy 99.4% of ME.

                      British colonial creation, Hashemite (clan/tribe from Arabia), came from Britain taking 78% of Jewish Home that had been set in international law.

                      No one disputes you are an antisemite, burt you are an ignorant antisemite! Arabs went to Mandate Palestine only because the Jews had bought land & made the land good – so Arabs left Egypt & Syria to Palestine:

                      Palestinians are a myth says Hamas member “they are just Saudis and Egyptians”

                      Going to disagree with Hamas are you Mikey?

  2. Farmer, everything you baldly assert, is without moral foundation; soon, you’ll assert the crematoria were not antisemitic.

    British Jews are wisely considering leaving and depriving the Corbyn-led neo-Nazi (aka Labour) movement of an object of hatred.

    • IO, I assert the crematoria were not antisemitic.

      Not only Jews were subjected to the campaign to murder the Nazis’ undesirables. DO NOT insult others that were targeted by claiming that Jews alone died. Sick competitiveness!

      Neo-Nazi Labour? You are a gullible fool. The witchhunt against Labour is an obvious attempt to prevent a pro Palestinian rights party from gaining office.

          • Oh, did I bore you? An anonymous Nazi who comes onto this board to spew a bunch of anti-Semitic bullshit because Israel makes him do it? Womp womp.

            I can see why you’re bored by the whole thing, der Nazi Farmer. So why do you keep doing it? Is it because you’re a simple buffoon who has no other way to get his tiny weinerschnitzel to feel big and powerful?

                • It has the same right as Palestine to exist. Does any state have the RIGHT to exist if others don’t?

                  • Palestine doesn’t exist because Palestine started and lost a war of annihilation when Palestine was created. Sorry, Mikey!

                    Also, Palestinians weren’t strictly Arabs until Yasser Arafat gathered all the refugees and placed them under the Palestinian label. Ooops, you revised it again, Mikey.

                    Ever think that the reason you’re such a dumbfuck is simply because you’re an utter and complete dumbfuck? If you’re dumb as fuck, then you’re fucking dumb, dude.

                    • Actually, Mikey, they lived in Western Palestine which is different than Eastern Palestine which, in 1921, was created as a nation-state by the Brits. They called it Transjordan, and they installed an Iraqi as king.

                      Mikey, you’re dumber than shit stuck on a shoe, and you probably smell worse, too. MIkey has lots of problems. That’s why Mikey comes here to scream at Jews.

                      Ah, Mikey. You’re a total waste of time. Your poor mother.

                  • Sharmuta, Your “Pal-e-STINE” DOESN’T EXIST

                    for the same reason that

                    your furhers “Turd Reich” doesn’t exist.

                    They were both DEFEATED.

      • Oh that’s right anti-Semite. The Germans burned Martians alive in the crematoria. Just because Hitler hated other groups besides Jews, doesn’t detract from the anti-Semitism that drove the Holocaust.

        • The Germans murdered Jews, Poles, Homosexuals, Roma, the physically infirm, the mentally infirm …..

          Stop, stop, stop claiming that only the Jews suffered in that terrible period at the hands of Hitler. Despicable.

          • Maybe you should have a remedial reading course. I never said that the Holocaust was exclusively anti-Semitic. However, anti-Semitism did drive the Holocaust, as evidenced that the majority of the victims were Jews.,

            Or maybe you shouldn’t bother with a reading course. It does require a slight amount of intelligence and therefore would be a waste of time for you.

            • “anti-Semitism did drive the Holocaust, as evidenced that the majority of the victims were Jews.,”

              Rubbish. Hitler sought to conquer, annex and rule. Many more than ‘6 million’ died due to his designs, the majority were not Jews.

          • > The Germans murdered Jews, Poles, Homosexuals, Roma, the physically infirm, the mentally infirm …..

            Today your Sand Nazis (Hamass, Hezbola, Taliban, ISIS Fascist Iran) murder Jews, Homosexuals, the physically infirm, the mentally infirm, Girls who “dishonour” their family.

            Despicable Sharmuta.

  3. No not a pro-Palestinian Rights Party an anti-Semitic anti-Israel Party. If the current Labour leadership actually cared about Palestinian rights the bigot Corbyn would have agreed to visit Yad Vashem and to hold talks with the leader of Israel’s Labour Party when he was invited to discuss ways of improving the Palestinians position not least by the dismantling of the Hamas terrorist organisation which is holding back any possibility of peace. However Jew baiters like your good self are always adept at blaming the victim.

    • Wrong. Why do you term it antisemitic? Please no ‘well every body knows’. Explain your labelling.

      Thought Israel’s Labour Party was Zionist. Zionism is racism, isn’t it weighted to Jews?

      • Wrong. Claiming that Zionism is racism IS anti-Semitic. Founding a Jewish state in the Middle East does not necessitate discriminating against anyone else and that is enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

  4. Laura Pidcock an obviously clinically idiotic MP is speaking about the two-state solution when the celebrated hero of the demo is screaming the good old slogan “From the river to the see Palestine will be free”

  5. I would really like to see some real comments on this site, in response to the real media issues that are spotlighted by the people who run it. But mostly, all we get is anti-semitic drivel from Farmer, and replies from a variety of people foolish enough to engage him. I was also similarly foolish a couple of years ago, when I did try to engage him in some sort of correspondence, but soon learned that he’s just a slippery liar who lives just to spread more hate and venom.

    I’ve stopped engaging him, and I suggest that others here do the same. He’ll soon get fed up, although sadly, that doesn’t guarantee that he’ll go away.

    And Farmer, please don’t bother to reply to this. Your response won’t get read – at least not by me – ans certainly won’t be responded to. Stop playing your childish games.

    • Hello Nigel, I don’t try to hide that I am among the individuals that you regard as foolish. It should be obvious to anyone with even the slightest amount of common sense that Farmer is simply a troll who gets some sort of rise out of demonizing Israel.

      I have engaged in repartee with him for three reasons:
      1. Even his comments are deleted, they are still counted in the total and thus drive more traffic to this site,, making it more likely that others will come here. They can all see the reasoned analyses written by Adam and his guest posters. Even if some of Farmer’s comments don’t get deleted, the probability that reasonable will wade through all of his idiotic rants is very small, made even smaller when there is a reply to each one. Therefore, in effect engaging him in repartee, in effect, strengthens the Zionist side of these debates.

      2. You may have noticed that he often gets annoyed when I and others fire back at him. That’s also a good thing as he deserves the irritation that he tries to cause others.

      3. Personally, I have no tolerance for anti-Semitic demonization of Israel and I will fight it to my last breath.

      • Hi Michael:

        I was very aware that, when I wrote my email, I risked offending some people by seeming to call them “foolish”, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend. I find your contributions, along with those of certain others, and thoughtful and advance the discussion. But I’m sure you get as frustrated as I do, especially with a post that shows “45 comments”, only to see that most of those comments have nothing to do with advancing the discussion – which I truly believe we should have – but are mostly troll contributions and responses from people who are trying to deal with him.

        I’m not really a social media follower, and I don’t know all the ins and outs of the ways in which traffic stats drive the popularity of websites. Is it really the case that increased traffic does make it more likely that others will discover or come to this site? If that’s the case, I can certainly see the point in adding to the total, and if engaging with Farmer’s venom is the way to do it, well kol ha’kavod to you – as I said, it just frustrates me to see the same excuses for arguments trotted out again with slightly different paintwork, but the same old mechanical unreliability.

        And I’m right with you when it comes to demonisation of our homeland. I also fight it, sometimes at meetings run by (sometimes) well-meaning but totally uninformed Church groups, smetimes at rallies, sometimes in the media – the war is continuous and takes a lot of energy. That’s why I don’t like to use it up on haters like Farmer.

        Best wishes,


      • “anti-Semitic demonization of Israel”. But it ISN’T. Israel is NOT ‘the Jews’, most live elsewhere. Your mistake … again.

    • So, it’s fingers in ears, eyes closed, singing ‘NOT LISTENING ..NOT LISTENING..’ from liar Nigel, who couldn’t show that i was antisemitic.