Guardian publishes pro-Corbyn letter signed by anti-Semites (Update)

The Guardian published a letter yesterday signed by 100 ‘Jews’ (see below) objecting to a previous letter by over 100 Labour MPs protesting the Labour Party’s decision to readmit Derby North MP Chris Williamson, a Corbyn ally, back into the party after he was temporarily suspended for suggesting Labour was “too apologetic” about antisemitism.

The letter (Jewish support for Chris Williamson, July 8) repeats the familiar smear that the real aim of Jews and others who accuse Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters of antisemitism is to undermine the Labour party’s leadership and “all pro-Palestinian members” – a version of what’s known as the Livingstone Formulation. This term, coined by Professor David Hirsh, refers to a line of argument insisting that Jews raise the issue of antisemitism cynically and dishonestly in order to silence criticism of Israel.

The full list of signatories to the letter includes extreme (non-British) anti-Israel, pro-terrorist voices such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, antisemitic conspiracy theorist Richard Falk, and anti-Zionist British Jews who’ve been expelled from Labour for antisemitism, such as Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker.

Most notably, it also includes hardcore anti-Semites, such as Michael Morgan (though his name was subsequently deleted from the list) and Elleanne Green – neither of whom, by the way, are Jewish. 

As many no doubt recall, Green is the founder and administrator of the now infamous pro-Corbyn antisemitic Facebook group “Palestine Live”.  In addition to the anti-Jewish hate (including Holocaust denial) found on the Facebook group she administers, research by David Collier and Campaign Against Antisemitism revealed that Green has used the group to personally express antisemitic beliefs and disseminate (or ‘like’) extreme antisemitic material and conspiracy theories – including at least one neo-Nazi article.

Whilst it’s not uncommon for the Guardian to publish op-eds and letters about Israel and antisemitism by Jews who represent a minuscule anti-Zionist fringe within the community, the extremism of many of these signatories is especially troubling

Though the Guardian occasionally acknowledges – albeit perfunctorily – the profound fears of the Jewish community amidst a Labour Party that has become institutionally antisemitic, their editorial decisions more often than not suggest an ideological inclination to legitimise those racist voices within the hard left who believe the entire row is some sort of anti-Corbyn plot hatched by ‘Zionists’.

UPDATE 1: See a scathing editorial by the Jewish Chronicle about the Guardian letter here, and a statement by the Board of Deputies here.

UPDATE 2: At some point after our post, the letter was deleted from the Guardian’s site “pending investigation”.

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  1. What is really scary that the article in the Jewish Chronicle condemning the Guardian’s open antisemitism is just an excuse for a longish and completely irrelevant Trump bashing.

    • Yes, Peter. I just read the first few paragraphs of that Jewish Chronicle article, and it really does a disservice trying to set up an argument against Corbyn and Labour in this way. The press is now so partisan it cannot even agree on a given set of facts.

    • Still showing of your rather petty partisan bonafides?
      “Still supporting Trump?”
      O.K. good. You’ve made the assertion. Now back it up. Show me where this support is inherently beyond question in what I or peterthehunagrian wrote. It should be easy for a wiz bang such as yourself. Go ahead. Have at it.

      • P.S. Your down vote was added in with the down votes from a couple of antisemites, so congratulations on that, idiot.

          • No, you got backward. I knew that you would. You are a moron because you down voted with antisemites on a comment, the content of which you didn’t understand.
            Sorry, but it’s not my job to make sure the comments don’t go over your head.

      • No Jeff. I was commenting on you and Pete. Or did you forget your two comments that preceded mine on this thread? The ones where you two brought up politics by complaining about Trump being abused by the JC?

        Jeff, do all GOPpers have this type of attention span?

        Hey Jeff. Your boy Donald dingles little girls. He also likes to get peed on. Have a great week.

    • A very hard case of TDS. Pointing out that an article condemning the antisemitism in a UK paper should not sink into irrelevance by being filled with the criticism of a US president is not support of Trump. Regarding his “outing as a pedophile” – the only person who has been outed as a frequent flyer on Jeffrey’s “Lolita-express” is Bill Clinton.

  2. I see above that Elleanne Green says she thinks, “there is no hope.” Good. Then logically her next step would be to give up. That’s what people do, when there is no hope. But Elleanne is a liar, so of course she is lying about this.
    She also supports the claim there is a “Rothchild Caliphate.” Jews don’t have caliphates, but a Rothchild one certainly would be far, far superior to anything she or her pets could ever replicate, especially from a humanitarian and human rights perspective. One glance at the ME is all the proof needed.

      • Do you know how you sometimes have a mental image of someone without ever having met the person? For some reason, I have always pictured you as a fair-haired twenty-something (not because of the “21st.” I think that you’ve mentioned that you live in LA. Maybe that’s why.)

        • I don’t live in LA. I used to live in the SF Bay Area, but I’m originally and forever a New Yorker now living in exile.
          I’ll take the twenty-something as a compliment. I am “forever young.”

  3. Farmer, an anti-Semitism apologist, who likely also believes that complaints about anti-Semitism are given “too much ground.”