UKMW prompts Daily Mail correction to claim Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital

Despite the fact that we’ve prompted corrections on this point continually over the years, UK media outlets continue to make errors regarding Israel’s capital – by claiming, explicitly or implicitly, that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

We caught two such errors yesterday, one at the Daily Express and another at the Daily Mail.

We complained to editors at both publications under the terms of the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code.

The Daily Express hasn’t yet replied, but we received a prompt reply and correction from editors at Daily Mail.  The sentence in question now reads:

As we’ve noted previously on such correction posts, the decision to remove “Tel Aviv” yet not replace it with “Jerusalem” is telling – suggesting that editors accept that it’s wrong to tell readers that Tel Aviv is the capital, but, inexplicably, are not willing to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the country’s official capital. 

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  1. I wish I owned a media outlet in the UK, so anytime they called Tel Aviv the capital of Israel, I could write about Manchester or Brighton as the capital of Britain.

  2. Embassy location does not determine a capital Farmer. The location of the government does. Therefore, where the Uk wants to place its embassy is relevant only to them and to the delusional individuals who still think that there such a thing as a British empire.

        • Michael a serious question. Why do you assume that ‘Michael Farmer’ is British?
          Even if he claims to be British, he lies about everything else so why not lie about his name and nationality?

          • The history with him goes back some time and I believe that he has mentioned that he lives in England a few times. Since this blog focuses on British and Irish media, it’s valid to assume that he could be lying as trolls like him receive their visceral pleasures from contrarianism, albeit nonsensical. However, in the past someone named Michael Farmer has posted the same idiocy, in the same style, on Jpost.

  3. An honest newspaper would state that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and explain the UK government’s reasons for locating its embassy elsewhere, i.e., its foreign policy. But rather than opening that Pandora’s box, the UK and its media outlets, for some reason find it desirable to promote Arab war propaganda.

  4. UK newspapers that play the Tel Aviv capital card are attempting to make a statement. The first time somrone did this it was original. The second time was a compliment to the first.

    Now, it is just an inept cliché, especially after the Trump announcement