UKMW prompts Guardian to acknowledge there’s no ‘settler-only’ roads in the West Bank

The myth that there are ‘Jews-only’ or ‘settler-only’ roads in the West Bank has been debunked numerous times over the years by CAMERA and its affiliates – prompting corrections at media outlets such as CNNAssociated PressWashington Post, The Economist, Financial Times and The Telegraph.

As we’ve explained on numerous occasions, the overwhelming majority or West Bank roads are open to all traffic, Israeli and Palestinian. However, there are, for security reasons, a very small percentage of roads in the West Bank restricted to Palestinians.  But, all roads are open to Israeli citizens of all religious backgrounds and foreign nationals of all religious backgrounds.  

There is not, nor have there ever been, religiously based restrictions on roads in Israel or the West Bank – nor roads only for settlers.

The latest publication to publish a version of this lie is the Guardian, in an Oct. 11th op-ed by Nkosi Zwelivelile (the grandson of Nelson Mandela) attempting to use this ‘fact’ to support the larger lie that Israel is an apartheid state.

Here’s our tweet pointing out the erroneous claim – one of several in the paragraph, but, we concluded, the one most egregiously inconsistent with the accuracy clause of the Editors’ Code.

We followed up our tweet with an email editors, who upheld our complaint and amended the text in the sentence to the still misleading but improved “roads built for settlers which are not accessible to Palestinians”, and, more importantly, included the following addendum at the bottom of the op-ed:

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  1. I think The Guardian is dubious enough vis-a-vis coverage of the I/P issues without trying to claim they are equivalent to Der Sturmer. After all, many left wingers are sincerely mistaken and uninformed about how the State of Israel came into being, and naive with respect to crackpot claims about Zionism. We were all “only twenty years old” once, so to speak!
    But The G has NO EXCUSE for continued slurs, smears, and outright lies in their coverage, so it definitely reflects a kind of lazy contempt for Israel and/or Jews in general which ought to embarrass them as a supposed beacon of progress and enlightenment. Adam therefore does a great job of deploying their own ostensible values against their own inane, if not vicious (which they often are) biases.
    Btw: Where is (an) “Abba Eban” when you need him? Netanyahu is what he is, but Eban would have already quashed many of the problems on the world stage, that is, in terms of powerful rhetoric, while Netanyahu’s approach leaves much to be desired.